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tichule about us

Tichkule is a viral content website filled with a ton witty humor. On this one-of-a-kind entertainment portal, we create all kinds of blog posts- the latest gossip, latest news, latest in the entertainment industry -you name it and you will get it!

We are a gang of wordsmiths that serve up the hot buzz, right near your face. Tichkule loves biting at the latest trends and telling you about the recent celebrity mess-ups.

From Stories and jokes around the globe, it’s all here on Tichkule. We write for all you people who are bored, and just want to snack on some trendy talk. So if you’re trying to break the monotony of a dull day at work or just simply in the mood for some amusement, check out our blog posts. We promise you, you wont be disappointed.