How Indians Will Be Celebrating This New Year

New Year’s Day is one of the most celebrated occasions throughout India just like the rest of the world. The festive occasion is irrespective of religion, castes, creed and culture and anybody can celebrate it in their own unique and fun way throughout the country.

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Generally people celebrate the New Year with their family, friends and loved ones. It doesn’t come with any rules or instructions.

In India, you can see the ‘unity in diversity’ factor on this day; as irrespective of class, occupation, castes, creed and religion, it’s celebrated by all. It is the day that we step into a New Year paving goodbye to the previous year.

The bigger metropolitan cities light up bright with celebrities and popular personalities attending or hosting bigger parties. Restaurants, pubs, bars, night clubs, amusement parks, resorts lures people to come, visit and have fun. The best of offerings, services and amusements are served from the day before the New Year that is the 31st of December: The New Year Eve.

The celebration starts from 31st of December, which takes it zenith when the clock strikes 12 o’clock and we enter the New Year, i.e. the 1st of January. In India, the New Year Day is a restricted holiday. Most of the government offices and business service sector remains opened and available. Even public transport remains open on that day. Reporting late to work due to the previous night party is however a common scenario at the workplace and it is likely to be forgiven.

On metropolitan cities, the security becomes tighter as people roam on the streets greeting and enjoying the New Year night. Foreigners, tourists, visits popular places and therefore the security get higher on that day.

Before the New Year Day even begins, people chalk out their New Year resolution and hope to abide by their own made rules. No wonder that remains a big question mark whether those resolutions can even make through the year.

The social media platforms get full of creative content of New Year wishes, online offers, New Year’s business marketing strategies, Memes, Posts, Creative videos and tons of tags in all of these. Facebook is flooded with New Year wishes and tags. People mention or Tag or share New Year wishes and quotes with their loved ones. Instagram, Facebook and Tweeter gets overloaded with selfies, groufies with hashtag New Year!

Chances are there that your phone might get hanged with so many notifications, calls, messages as it all attacks at the same time at midnight 12 o’clock. Even your calls can get disconnected due to traffic in network. And most of the times your loved ones will be either out of reach or busy in another call.

On the New Year Day, as the Sun sets in on the 1st of January, the first thing we do is to check our phones to see who texted and who greeted what. Also we check the pending messages that got stuck somehow while wishing near and dear ones in the midnight.

Greeting parents, family, friends and loved ones face to face is the next thing we wish for.

Executing all the New Year party plans becomes the next big thing for us. Restaurants and Pubs are waiting for us to grab the best of meal and drinks. Dance floor welcome us with mash-ups of the songs that hit that year, played by the DJs. Unlimited drinks, alcohols, desserts and everything good is what people are served with.

Goa is among the best place for celebrating the New Year. Rave parties and beach parties of Goa are a must visit in New Year. Other beaches like Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Gokarna, Puducherry are always welcome for your special day.

However if you want to enjoy your New Year party in the midst of a snowfall or a much colder place surrounded by hills and mountains, our nation also has the best to offer. Gangtok, Sikkim; McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh; Kasol, Himachal Pradesh; Manali, Himachal Pradesh; Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu will be best for you. 

 Beautiful cities; such as Shillong, Kerala, Coorg, Jaisalmer, Alappuzha and so much more to name, greets you with open arms to start your first day with immense joy surrounding yourself in the midst of nature.

The bigger cities have bigger plans. New Delhi, the centre of almost everything hosts colourful New Year celebration. Mumbai, the city filled with celebs blazes in the celebration. Kolkata the Cultural Capital of India welcomes you to enjoy a serene atmosphere of joy with foods, cultural music and dances. Even the twenty-four hour busy IT hub: Bangalore gears up with the best of party preparations from the day before.

The smaller towns or villages generally are not on the limelight but that does not mean they do not celebrate the New Year. Some schools and colleges do remain closed on the New Year day. Kids exchange New Year cards, share them with their friends, schoolmates and teachers. In the colleges and offices generally the students and employees respectively, comes late. The work pressure is lower on that day.

Everyone on that day tries their best to remain happy throughout the day, as it is believed that if you stay happy on the first day of the year; your rest of the days of that year will also pass happily. Hence people on that day avoid quarrelling or getting involved in any kind of verbal or physical fights. At homes, delicious dishes are made and sweets are served. Moreover it’s a happy occasion to be most cherished and enjoyed. If pubs and parties are not your thing, then it can also be celebrated in a poised manner. Amusement parks, coffee shops and even a walk on the street feels wonderful as the entire place has that celebration vibe with minimal decorations, if not a full-on garnishing.

Despite of a restricted holiday, the 1st day of January is the New Year day, which our nation as a whole celebrates in their own way.


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