The New Google Doodle Marks the Beginning of Winter Festivities

Winter is in and we are too close to say hello to Christmas. And on this occasion, the internet giant Google has announced the commencing of the festive season, i.e. the Christmas. The Google has added a festive series of Doodles that brings the beginning of countdown of Christmas, beginning with Monday, December 18th.

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In the comic strip the cartoonish figures which features penguins and parrots are gearing up for winter festivities, including Christmas.

On the first image, the cartoonish figures show up to be interacting with one another. The penguins wearing warm clothes greeting their friend of warm zones i.e. the parrot.

Image Credit : The Sun

The second image slides to an interesting one, where the penguins are in an extremely joyful mood inside an igloo and busy packing their bags.

Image Credit : The Sun

The third image has a series of box drawn on the screen with numbers 25, 31 and 1 written on it. It can be a hint that the next amazing Doodles might follow-up on those dates.

Google wrote in a blog, “The festive season is here and this pair of slippery-footed siblings are excited to spend time with their warm-weather relatives! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks to see what kind of fun this feathery family has in store.”

Image Credit : The Sun


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