Simple Office Make Up Tips that will Make You Look Fresh All the Time

We all have loads of makeup products which are mostly inspired from YouTube tutorials and fashion magazines. Whoever your inspiration is, when it comes to getting ready for office, we find none by our side and our head stops working. Women nowadays are strong enough to take care of home, family and work life. And hence they deserve to look beautiful and work-ready with the right choice of office make-ups.

So here are some make-up tips for office:

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Prepare before you start your make-up: 

For everyday office make-up, you need to prepare the make-up routines earlier. 

Get your makeup products ready:

You must get all your makeup products ready and set it aside from the rest of your products so that you don’t get confused of what to wear.

Long lasting makeup:

Always choose a long lasting makeup that will stay on to longer hours without smudging or sweating down with time.

Understanding your shades

You must use a lighter shade that suits you best for a simple look. Go for lighter shades of brown or a bit darker nudes. Avoid darker colours for the office look. You don’t want to look extra and loud here, do you?

Go light: Office environment is a serious one. And glam look is always a big no-no! Chose lighter shades and lighter colours. Try to avoid extra shimmery and glittery pigments.

Have a fresh face

. Hydrate your face

When you are off to work, your skin must stay all day soft, balanced and hydrated. This keeps your skin stay fresh and balanced. So apply a hydrating skin moisturizer.

Primer, the Primary step

A primer minimizes the appearances of skin pores and evens out all the fine lines. It also sets a beautiful canvas to hold your makeup for a long time. So apply primer all over you face before applying a BB cream or a foundation.

BB Cream is the new Beauty Booster

BB cream is easy to apply, has all the benefits of a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen. Needs no brush, you can apply with your own hands. Covers all your spots and blemishes instantly

Foundation for flawless skin

Choose the right kind of foundation that suits your skin. Go for matte finish foundation with medium coverage. This will make your skin look fresh all throughout the day and will not look cakey and overdone.

Conceal your dark spots

Now this step is optional. Use a concealer if you have too many dark spots on your face or dark circles under your eyes. Dot it on the areas that need to be corrected and then blend it well with concealer brush or a makeup sponge.

Sleek your Cheeks

Add a light pink or peachy pink blush on your cheeks, to warm down your look. Don’t use too much shimmery or glitter blushes. A light shimmer on cheek is enough to make you look classy and officially sleek

Define your eyes: 

. Accentuate your eyes with eye shadows

Your eyes play an important role during office conversations, meetings and seminars. Draw attention, by a light brown or dark nude colour. Apply cream eye shadow, it’s easy to use, and you don’t even need two to three different blending brush.

Add magic to your eyes

Apply gel eyeliner on the upper lid and a kajal or kohl on lower lid will immediately do the trick. Use smudge-proof eyeliner that will stay long. Now your eyes are all set to speak up!

. Set more volume

Mascaras are not only for creating a drama but it also volumizes your look. Apply generous coats of sweat-proof mascara and there you are: a perfect ‘eye’-catcher!

Let Your Lips Speak more 

. Moisturize your lips

First things first: moisturize! A good lip balm will keep your lips soft and hydrated all day long. So apply a lip balm before you apply lipstick.

. The Lip Rituals

Apply a lip liner that’s not that sharp or bright. Line your lips perfectly and then fill in with a softer shade lipstick.

Rosy pink, nude lipsticks are always good for office look. Go matte than super glossy or shimmery. If you want to add gloss to your lips make sure you apply a bit less. Avoid darker shades.

The final touch up 

. Finish it off by applying a light amount of translucent powder all over you face to pack everything together. It will give you a more flawless look

. If you find anything excess, you can always wipe it up with tissue paper

. Use a setting spray to lock all your makeup up

. Always carry a tissue paper or blotting wipes to get rid of excess oils
And there you are! A perfect beauty with brain all set for office. Work with glam and confidence


Saidah Washington

22 Sep 2017 04:53 PM

I just learned a new trick that I want to try for applying my mascara. I watch the video where a girl put away mascara primer and then for coats of mascara and her eyelashes look amazing.


22 Sep 2017 05:28 PM

Although I am not much into make up, but I can see this one is a great help for those who apply it. Sharing it with my girlfriends for their help.

elena torres

22 Sep 2017 10:00 PM

Thank you for the information. I really struggle to put on my makeup (mostly because I am lazy). but i think that your tips are easy enough for me to implement.

Eva Phan

22 Sep 2017 10:02 PM

These are fantastic tips for office makeup! So many of these are good advice for outside of the office, too!


23 Sep 2017 06:32 PM

These are great tips. I really need to get organized. My morning routine might be cut in half if I did!

David Elliott

23 Sep 2017 07:42 PM

I don't think I have ever learned so much about makeup in my entire. life. I love the tutorial and the step by step instructions here with all of the pictures. Great post.


25 Sep 2017 02:57 PM

I enjoyed the simple no-nonsense approach to makeup.I too feel we should look glam and work even beotter.Great tips.


26 Sep 2017 12:47 PM

Indeed such perfect tips! I am so happy that finally I am doing this trings already. Hahaha Now I think I really have learned in terms of make-up.

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